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To inspire people to be kinder to themselves and live a life more connected to those around them.


To offer wellness content focused on the long-term health of the body and mind while facilitating the way for people to build community.

The 3 Elements of the Movemnt

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Since when did working out and taking care of ourselves become so stressful? The Movemnt experience is designed to be something you enjoy bringing into your daily life, reducing stress, promoting confidence, and having fun.

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Our bodies are designed to move through three planes of motion: This is the foundation of our customized workouts. Each program focuses on naturally strengthening & lengthening muscles as they are designed to build and function.

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Solo time is great, but we really do believe that everything is better with friends and people you connect with. We want to be facilitators for people building connections: healthy networks, positive friend groups, support systems, workout buddies, and valuable friendships.

Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Movemnt! If you are new to the site, Maya Talisa is the Mexican-American, vegan, California girl, and Dotan is the Jewish, vegetarian, New Yorker you see in photos. We are both personal trainers who met in Los Angeles, and quickly became platonic work husband and wife.

Maya and Dotan Movemnt

The first time we met, we stood outside the gym where we worked and talked for four hours, so to say we became fast friends is a bit of an understatement. We quickly bonded over long walks, chats over coffee, and dog park visits with our pups Hercules and Luna.

Movemnt came to life pretty quickly and organically from our shared belief that health and fitness should be something that you choose to enjoy every day and for the long-term. Movemnt is based on fewer fitness hacks, and more lifelong practice. More fun, and less struggle. More value on human connection - meaning, less do it alone, and more do it with friends.

As a wellness community, Movemnt focuses on health practices that are important now that will have a positive impact on your future and the future of those you care about. Whether you're new to fitness, already love working out, or a fellow trainer, this is something we can't do without you!

Again, welcome to the Movemnt: We can't wait to connect right here and IRL.


Maya + Dotan

Dotan Ryder

Maya Talisa

Maya Talisa Movemnt

Almost exclusively shops in the mens department. Her idea of a business meeting normally requires homemade vegan pancakes.

Dotan Ryder Movemnt

Currently has an ice cream t-shirt on rotation in his wardrobe. A lifetime foodie, he specializes in opening bags of lettuce.

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Shared Motto

Be kind to yourself.

People we’ve worked with: