November Challenge: 100 push-ups

That’s right, we said 100 push-ups!

november challenge.gif

Before you get right to it, let’s go over some basics & some tips to help us all conquer this month’s challenge.

How to master the form:

  • Engage your whole body. Yes- in a proper push up we are working everything from legs, to glutes, core, back, to shoulders.

  • Be certain to keep your wrists stacked directly under shoulders.

  • Elbows at 45 - not too tight, not too wide.

  • Keep your body in a straight line throughout the lower & lift: hips don’t drop or raise out of line.

  • Be sure to keep a steady pace. Inhale as you lower, exhale as you raise.

Options on form:

  1. Knees down.

  2. Knees down. Toes up.

    • With the above two variations, be careful to keep your body in a straight line with wrists under shoulders, and lower hips. 

  3. Feet wide. This will help keep your shoulders & hips steady.


100 push-ups is no easy task. 

Work in sets. No amount of sets is too many. Just be sure to work up to that 100 each time. 

^ and hey, a fun playlist, podcast, or even some Netflix never hurts to go along.


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