Trainer Tip: The one thing you need to do to build your class.

Picture this: You just started teaching a new class time at a gym, and this is totally exciting! (I mean, you’re feeling yourself like Jada Pinkett Smith).

fitness excited

The first day is here, you walk in, and there are like five people there (30 being the capacity). Ouch. Then you feel like:

trainer challenges

Whether you are a new trainer or a veteran, we have all been there.  So what do you do?

Well, there are a few things I have found helpful over the years, but there is one major thing that I have found makes a huge difference:

Send an email.

Yep, when you start teaching a new class time, send an email to EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN CLASS. Introduce yourself, provide a call to action, and your schedule. Moving forward, every time you get a person in your class, follow-up with an email that night. That's it. 

send emails

Below is a sample email template. Use it to develop your own template that you can customize to each person. 

DO NOT send the same email verbatim to multiple people, always adjust some of the details, so the message remains authentic and personable.

Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below, or send us a DM.



Sample Email Template

Subject: Lucy, You're AWESOME! Let's workout together again :)

Hey Lucy Ricardo,

It was terrific having you in class at "Name of Gym." You are a rockstar on "something they did in class!"

I look forward to training with you again soon.

Have a great night,

"Your Name"

Gym Schedule


   6:15 pm 

   7:15 pm 


   12:00 pm 

   1:00 pm-Boxing


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